At our ANZAC Day Assembly we hosted Retired Wing Commander, Phil Andrews, and Caloundra RSL’s Board Secretary Heather Christie. We also were proud to acknowledge the Late Bob McInnes, former President of the RSL who for a decade or so involved the School in commemorative services and at least annually kindly visited our children to encourage them to remember Servicemen and Service women and their deeds for our nation. The School also is proud to assemble and support ANZAC Day services at Caloundra, along with many other local schools. We appreciate the presence of our parents for this special community celebration. In the service of our country, the ANZACs suffered greatly; just as have subsequently many of those who are in our Armed Forces in multiple conflicts and peacekeeping missions in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. The destruction of WWl included from The Dardanelles or Gallipoli Peninsula campaign, 161,00 British Empire people killed (including almost 9,000 Australians and 3,000 New Zealanders); 27,000 French were killed; and an estimated 57,000 Turkish and Arabian people were killed. In WWI overall 9.7 million Serving men and women were killed and 10 million civilians died. There were 40 million total casualties with 21 million wounded. Author Yuval Noah Harari in his book Homo Deus, and I think this is related also to the service done by past generations involved in wars such as at Gallipoli, wrote about war:

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