Senior School

Students Shine in Mock Interviews

Published May 18, 2023

At CCPS, we believe in providing students with experiences that develop transferable skills, lifelong learning, and readiness for the world of work of the 21st century. Recently, our Year 10-12 students had the opportunity to participate in mock interviews with a variety of external providers. These external providers dedicated their time and expertise by leading…

Sport and Outdoor Ed

Walking Gets Your Thoughts in Motion

Published May 18, 2023

‘IF YOU ARE in a bad mood, go for a walk.  If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk’. I would like to lay claim to these words, but they’re older than me.  They were spoken by Hippocrates (circa 400BC), the ‘father of medicine’ who ambled here and there and who…


Gaining real world experience – CCPS Business students visit Mantra Mooloolaba

Published April 21, 2023

This term students are studying business in the post maturity stage of the business life cycle with a focus on businesses in the hospitality sector.  As part of their assessment, students need to gather primary and secondary data in order to make informed recommendations. Year 12 Business were given the opportunity to visit Mantra, Mooloolaba…


E-Safety Youth Council

Published April 20, 2023

By Logan Marchington, Year 11 Earlier this month I attended the first face to face meeting of the national E-safety youth council in Sydney. Myself and other members of the council met with regional CEOs and representatives from TikTok, Microsoft, Meta, Google, snapchat and more. The E-safety commissioner and several federal ministers also attended the…


Education Perfect Language Championship 2023 Awards

Published April 3, 2023

Deanne Hatcher, Japanese Teacher Recently students in Year 7-10 Japanese classes took part in the annual Education Perfect Language Championships. CCPS students answered a lot of questions throughout the week long competition. Congratulations to the following students who are commended on their excellent efforts! GOLD: Leila Pacheco (Year 8) earned a Gold award and ranked…


Wellbeing Tips for Students

Published March 15, 2023

By Luke Byrne, Student Wellbeing Officer This term has been quite a fast-paced term 1 of schooling! It is important to be aware that our students are starting to quickly move towards the prickly end of this first term, with the pressures of exams and assessments starting to creep up within their classes. With the…


Year 8 Science – Egg Race

Published March 14, 2023

The Year 8’s were in for an egg-cellent time! For their assesment, the class was tasked with creating a vehicle to move an egg as far and as fast as possible using their knowledge of energy transformations and transfers.


Year 8 Science – Energy Transformation

Published March 13, 2023

This Term in Year 8 Science students have been learning about Energy Transformation. Below are examples of some of the practical, engaging activities students have been tasked with to apply their knowledge. Energy Transformation Have you very wanted to move a golf ball without touching it? Well that is what the year 8’s were tasked…


Year 9 Science -Investigating Earthquakes

Published March 13, 2023

Year 9’s were ready to shake, rattle and roll. While investigating tectonic plates and earthquakes they were tasked with creating the tallest tower for the lowest price. Their structures were required to survive three different earthquakes. Afterwards discussions were had around the successful designs and how different regions create earthquake proof structures.


Year 9 Science – Convection Currents

Published March 13, 2023

The year 9’s delve into the understanding of continental drift and convection currents. Students modelled this through the use of tea leaves and rice. The tea leaves rise with the hot currents and falls again due to the cooling waters.

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