Career Development at CCPS

Connecting education with the world of work

There is more to school than just lessons inside classrooms. At CCPS we recognise the real world as the 3rd educator for students in building transferable skills for success.

Through our career development program at CCPS we empower students to make informed decisions about their future, align their education with career aspirations, and cultivate the skills and mindset essential for success in the world of work.

Building Transferable skills

At CCPS, there is a strong focus on the development and tracking of Transferable Skills of our students. Transferable Skills are a set of abilities, knowledge, and qualities that can be applied and utilised across different jobs, industries, and contexts.

They are often developed through various life experiences, such as education, work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and personal pursuits.

Transferable skills are highly valued by employers as they demonstrate an individual’s ability to adapt, learn, and contribute effectively in different work environments.

What Career Education looks like at CCPS:

  • Students taking an active role in tracking the development of their transferable skills
  • Projects that develop enterprise and employability skills
  • Numerous opportunities to engage in career experiences days…not just one week of work experience in Year 10
  • Mock Interviews
  • Industry Speakers
  • Engagement with universities, TAFE, ADF, and other organisations
  • Specific Career Education lessons to allow for career exploration
  • Career Forums to allow students to engage with members of the community in their desired careers
  • Connecting students to relevant opportunities and business
  • Exploration of student interests, skills, values, and goals
  • Building knowledge of QCE, ATAR, School-Based Traineeship, University Head Start programs and TAFE at School pathways
  • Senior Education and Training Plan
  • Advice for subject selection and subject changes
  • Pathways to work including job application writing, and job search strategies
  • Transitional support for life after school

Career Development Coach

Meet Kris Naiker, Career Development Coach at CCPS.

Kris works with each individual and their families to guide students on their journey to success. With more than 20 years in education including various leadership roles at leading independent schools, Kris boasts extensive expertise and is passionate about helping our young people unlock their potential and navigate their exciting futures.

Kris oversees the CCPS Career Development program, focusing on nurturing transferable skills for students from Years 6 to 12 and facilitating connections between students and future career prospects by partnering with businesses to secure opportunities.

This involves inspiring students to explore various industries and career possibilities, advising on subject choices, and providing insights into different educational pathways, like TAFE, apprenticeships, or university programs.

Personalised career development and coaching is one of the integral parts of our school’s comprehensive approach to preparing your child for success beyond their school years.

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