Senior School

Year 7 to Year 12

A dynamic and nurturing environment where students grow to become resilient, confident global citizens equipped with transferable skills required for success in the Age of Agility.

Inspired and engaged

Throughout the Senior School journey, we foster a love for learning among our students. By providing access to top facilities, leading educational software, and outstanding educators who spearhead innovative programs, we ensure students are inspired and eager to engage with their studies.

In our Senior School, students are encouraged to explore a diverse range of subjects and cocurricular activities, allowing them to discover their passions and interests. Through our Career Development Program we empower students to make informed decisions about their future, align their education with career aspirations, and cultivate the skills and mindset essential for success in the world of work.

In addition to academics, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of our students. We prioritise wellbeing, character development, leadership skills, and community engagement, recognising their significance in shaping well-rounded individuals. This comprehensive approach equips them with the transferable skills, resilience, and mindset necessary to make meaningful contributions as responsible global citizens, enabling them to flourish in the Age of Agility.

Senior Curriculum

Senior School curriculums are holistic and attuned to student needs and aspirations. Caloundra City Private School provides a wide range of sporting, cultural and leadership activities that enrich and complement their schooling.

The students’ curriculum, programs and opportunities develop as students progress through Senior Year levels.

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Facilities & Spaces

Large welcoming spaces nestled on 11 hectares of bushland are conducive to learning and immersion ‘in-task’. Caloundra City Private School offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs which encourage students to pursue their natural interests and nurture them toward becoming global citizens.

  • Spacious classroom design encourages open forum discussion and engagement.
  • High ceilings and air-conditioned spaces
  • Enjoyable learning experiences in a caring, accepting and safe environment to further enable genuine connections.
  • Access to a range of facilities and resources across the region in both academic and co-curricular activities to help students to discover and pursue their interests.
  • Personalised learning programs to suit your child’s interests and encouragement towards their pursuits.
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