Our community

A warm welcome to the Caloundra City Private School community.

We aim to be, in all things; inclusive, supportive and generous.

We value parent support and involvement to help grow the strength of our school community and set a positive example for our students on the importance of being community-minded through acts of service and connectivity.

Parents as Partners

We appreciate our parents, grandparents and carers and all they bring to the life of our school. But time is precious, which is why we have made helping out as simple as possible. Throughout the year, we plan and host community events, including the Halloween disco, as well as breakfasts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to bring our whole school community together.

We believe that parental involvement and support builds the strength of our community. Parents and carers are models for our students, showing what it means to be a citizen by serving the community and connecting with others to build something great. We are excited to be partnering with parents to facilitate fantastic outcomes for our students and school.

To get involved please contact our admin@ccps.qld.edu.au

Business Partnerships – fostering collaboration to enrich our career development program

There is a diverse wealth of expertise and knowledge that exists within our community. At CCPS we strive to establish strong ties with local businesses, non-profits, and other institutions to offer our students real-world exposure and opportunities. Through these partnerships, we aim to expand our students’ horizons, offer career experience, and create avenues for them to explore various career paths.If you are a parent or carer, grandparent, business owner, directors/managers, tradesperson passionate about sharing your expertise and open to exploring learning opportunities for the benefit of our students, we’d love to hear from you!

Our commitment to fostering these connections reflects our belief in providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond academics. Together, we strive to equip our students with not just knowledge but transferable skills, valuable insights, and a robust support system that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

We welcome members of our community – professionals, tradespeople, entrepreneurs, business owners across various industries to join us in creating learning opportunities for students that extend beyond the traditional classroom.

Some of the exciting ways in which your workplace can provide opportunities for students to build transferable skills include:  

Providing internships, career experience or mentoring opportunities

Traineeship/apprenticeship placements

Career Exposure: allow students to explore various roles within the business to gain exposure to different career paths and discover their interests.   

Networking Opportunities – help students create networks and contacts within your industry  

Email knaiker@ccps.qld.edu.au

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