Wellbeing at CaloundraCity

This year we are continuing to embed Wellbeing@CaloundraCity across the Junior School through our Positive Education program. At its core, Positive Education involves intentionally and explicitly teaching young people how to develop the skills and competencies to deal with the growing complexity of the world today. Throughout their days at school, students will be encouraged to work towards becoming their best self through positive relationships, positive emotions, positive health, positive engagement, positive accomplishment and positive purpose. Individual student diaries are embedded with activities and lessons to compliment these topics whilst exploring a focused character strength each week. Our desire is to also encourage the development of social-emotional resilience and a growth mindset through:

  • exploring a range of relationship-building skills and becoming familiar with the technique of actively and constructively responding to others’ good news
  • learning to tune in to their self-talk with the goal of developing helpful and realistic thinking patterns
  • exploring the responsibility and challenge of self-regulating our emotions
  • be introduced to resilience skills which they can put into practice
  • learning to understand and appreciate the benefits of expressing gratitude
  • exploring the importance of self-motivation
  • demonstrating curiosity and interest through research, planning and reflection
  • recognising and appreciating the unique strengths within themselves and those around them
  • exploring the relationship between service of others and having a meaningful life.
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