Recognition of Achievement Assembly – Week 9 Term 2

Our Recognition of Achievement Assemblies provide a wonderful opportunity for our entire school community to come together and celebrate the dedication, hard work, and accomplishments of our students.

Athletics Age Champions

Congratulations to the outstanding athletes who were named age champions in the 2024 Athletics Carnival. Opens Girls Age Champion: Kiera M.

  • Open Boys Age Champion: Tyson T.
  • 17 yrs Girls Age Champion: Mabelle Mc.
  • 17 yrs Boys Age Champion: Callum P.
  • 16 Yr Girls Age Champion: Abbie T.
  • 16 Yrs Boys Age Champion: Sam B.
  • 15yrs Girls Age Champion: Mackenzie R.
  • 15yrs Boys Age Champion: Cameron R.
  • 14yrs Girls Age Champion: Amelia W.
  • 14yrs Boys Age Champion: James W.
  • 13yrs Girls Age Champion: Zoe P.
  • 13yr Boys Age Champion: Jensen W.
  • 12 yrs Girls Age Champion: Harper R.
  • 12 yrs Boys Age Champion: Luca M.
  • 11 yr Girls Age Champion: Bethany W.
  • 11 yrs Boys Age Champion: Hunter M.
  • 10 yrs Girls Age Champion: Shia W.
  • 10 yrs Boys Age Champion: Elwood M.
  • 9 yrs Girls Age Champion: Charlotte M.
  • 9 yr Boys Age Champion: Archie J.

Special recognition also goes to our multiclass track and field champions, Alice W. and Connor W.

Record Breakers

A special shoutout to our record breakers, who have set new benchmarks in their respective events:

  • 8 Yrs 100m and Discus: Boyd B.
  • 9 Yr Shot Put: Alex D.
  • 11yr 800m: Hunter M.
  • 12yrs 100m, 200m, 800m, and Long Jump: Harper R.
  • 12 yrs 1500m: Emma B.
  • 13yr 1500m: Isla B.
  • 14yrs Shot put: Matilda HG
  • 14yrs 800m: William S.
  • 15 year 100m, 200m, Long Jump: Mackenzie R.
  • 15yrs 1500m: Megan B.
  • 15 yrs 100m, Long Jump, and Javelin: Emily L.
  • 15yrs Shot put, and Javelin: Sunnie R.
  • 15yrs Long Jump: Cameron R.
  • 16yrs Shotput and Javelin: Tiana K.
  • 16yrs Shot Put: Abigail T.
  • 17yrs 100m and 800m: Mabelle Mc.
  • 17yrs Discus: Abi W.
  • 18yrs 400m and 800m: Keira M.
  • 18yrs Discus: Jaidah L.
  • 18yrs 1500m: Tyson T.
  • 18 yrs Javelin: Rhys H.

House Spirit and House Cup Champions

Congratulations to Munns House who were named the House Spirit and House Cup Champions for the 2024 Years 3-12 Athletics Carnival.

Volleyball Achievements

Tennille Kynaston presented awards to honour the outstanding achievements of our volleyball teams in the Queensland Schools Cup and Trish Buckley Volleyball competitions. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated staff, coaching team, and supportive parents who have played a crucial role in these successes.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a globally recognised program that fosters resilience, leadership, and personal growth in young people. We are proud to announce the following awardees:

  • Mirabelle Mc.: Bridge Level 2
  • Emily L.: Bronze Level
  • Miranda W.: Bronze Level

This prestigious award reflects their commitment to personal development, community service, and adventure.

Academic Excellence

We also celebratde academic achievements, highlighting outstanding performances in various subjects:

  • Mia: A+ in Year 10 Math Methods
  • Keira: Perfect score of A+ in Year 12 Physics

Sunshine Coast Readers Cup

Year 5 teacher Nicole Atkins applauded the efforts of Year 5 and Year 6 students who participated in the Sunshine Coast Readers Cup. Their enthusiasm and love for literature were inspiring. Congratulations to our team:

  • Ella M., Isla D., Charlotte C., Betheny W., Owen T., Lee M., Indigo K., Isla R., Steele J., Charlotte C., Joslyn M., Yindi M.
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