Students Inspired by Tiny Home Workplace Tour

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Year 9 and 10 Digital Design Technologies Students Get Inspired at LJM Tiny Homes

Year 9 and 10 Digital Design Technologies students stepped into the world of work to gain insights and inspiration for their Term 3 assessment – designing a Tiny Home. This term, students are tasked with presenting a Digital Design Portfolio showcasing how they would convert a shipping container, of specific dimensions, into an efficient, functional, eco-friendly living space for a 14–20-year-old to live in the backyard of their family home.

To get their creativity flowing and spark new ideas, teachers Kylie Lush and Peter Chalmers arranged for students to visit LJM Tiny Homes, a Sunshine Coast company proudly awarded ‘Tiny House Builder of the Year’ in the inaugural Australian Tiny House Industry Awards 2023!

Company owner and director Joe Arnesen welcomed students into his business, giving them a tour of the factory where Tiny Homes are built. Students stepped inside and explored real Tiny Home builds and displays.

They also had the opportunity to ask Joe questions about his business, the design and construction of tiny homes, the sustainable materials used, the entire design process from start to finish, and the various building techniques and tools employed.

In addition to gaining technical insights, students witnessed the workplace in action, observing the importance of transferable skills like teamwork and communication essential for success in the industry.

Over the following weeks, students will work on their design portfolios, which will include building a prototype of their design. We eagerly look forward to watching their innovative designs unfold and sharing updates on their progress.

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