Year 7 Maths – Applying Algebra

Ever stopped to think about the mathematical intricacies hidden within everyday tasks? From the mundane to the monumental, algebra often lurks behind the scenes, helping us make sense of the world around us. Year 7 Maths students are diving deep into this fascinating realm during their classes.

In the video, we take a closer look at something as seemingly simple as mowing a lawn. Beyond the whirring blades and the scent of freshly cut grass, lies a world of calculations waiting to be explored. Deputy Principal Nathan Reynolds chats with Matt, our school Maintenance Officer, to unravel the algebraic secrets of lawn mowing. Together, they’ll delve into the various scenarios where algebra comes into play, from calculating the area of the lawn to determining the optimal mowing conditions for efficiency.

Our Year 7 Maths students have been tasked with identifying and exploring similar scenarios, shedding light on the practical applications of algebra in everyday life.

Stay tuned for further videos and updates as our students share their findings and formulas.

This term students are studying business in the post maturity stage of the business life cycle with a focus on businesses in the hospitality sector.  As part of their assessment, students need to gather primary and secondary data in order to make informed recommendations.

Year 12 Business were given the opportunity to visit Mantra, Mooloolaba and meet with one of the Executives to discuss local marketing and operations strategies, as well as information relating to the Head Office approach to branding, marketing, the impact of covid on the hospitality sector and future prospects.

By Sam, Marissa and HanaYear 12

“This week we were fortunate to travel to Mantra Mooloolaba and meet with one of the executives, Sharon.  It was an informative discussion as Sharon explained many facets of the company including the new marketing campaign and operational strategies, and she kindly gave us a tour of the property.  This was an incredibly important meeting as it will assist us in our Internal Assessment (IA2) as we investigate businesses in the maturity stage of the business life cycle which operate in a hostile and/or competitive environment.”

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