In our Personal Development classes lately, each week we have been investigating and discussing the VIA 24 Character Strengths.  Character strengths are considered to be the central pillar of Wellbeing and Positive Education.  Research has shown that only a third of people have an active awareness of their strengths.  Imagine a world where we all knew and used our strengths to their full potential!  Earlier in the year the students completed the on-line VIA Character Strength survey to glean their top 10 character strengths.  We also want the students to focus on which character strengths they might need to strengthen. Your character strengths are the qualities that come most naturally to you. Every individual possesses all 24-character strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character strength profile. When you know your strengths, you can improve your life and thrive. Research reveals that people who use their strengths a lot are 18 x more likely to be flourishing than those who do not use their strengths. By spotlighting character strengths, we hope to provide a focus for the students as they go through their day, and hope to support a specific strength ‘lens’ in their conversations and activities. Being aware of, spotting and intentionally using character strengths supports wellbeing in individuals and helps to build and deepen relationships. This week’s spotlight was on Bravery. Below is a summary of key resources and ideas we used and discussed this week. BRAVERY Doing the right thing even when it is hard or you’re afraid. Bravery is a strength which is grouped with other strengths of Courage, like with Zest, Honesty and Hope. These are all positive human traits involved in accomplishing goals in the face of fear or opposition. What does a focus on Bravery look like in your world today? Can you ask the other members of your household to look out for and moments or examples of bravery, whether physical, moral or psychological? Some suggested Bravery activities you might like to try: Ask younger children if they can describe someone who has stood up for what is right. Is there a time they have been very brave that they could remember, or tell you about? Could they write a story about a brave person, and what they did that made them brave? Teenagers might describe someone their age who has acted bravely and done the right thing.  Interview an older person, maybe a grandparent, about what they think bravery is, and when in their lives they feel they’ve been most brave.  Make a playlist of songs that help you feel brave. Can you reflect on what, recently, has required the most bravery for you? Other suggested activities students and parents might like to try:  Photojournalism – Strong is the New Pretty and The Heart of a Boy by Kate T. Parker  Book – Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, Brene Brown  Book – The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times, Pema Chodron Want to complete the Character Strength survey?  You can do this here.  Looking After Each Other – Stay at Home if You are Ill! As a community, the staff and students so value the fact that we are ‘face to face’ teaching and we want it to stay that way.  In the past week a number of students have arrived at school very much ill.  Runny noses.  Coughs.  Regularly using tissues. Heightened temperatures.  Generally feeling off.  They may believe that they need to be at school so as not to fall behind, but are they really ready to learn?  What about the others in the class? By attending school when you are ill endangers everyone who comes in contact with that student. Please – keep your son or daughter at home if they are ill.  The School’s administration WILL send home students who display signs and symptoms of flu and other illnesses. Sport City Oztag The School’s Oztag teams have been finalised and parents can now register their children into the various City Oztag Teams on the Caloundra Oztag website.  Our teams are; U7 City Tigers U8 City Lightning Cheetahs U10 City Lions and U14 City Leopards. All teams will have weekly training sessions.  These days and times are noted on the parent information letter that was emailed via the Parent Portal on Thursday 20 August.  Parents are also reminded to verify that they have registered by clicking the reply button on Parent Portal. The season commences the week of 7 September.  All games are played at the Caloundra Rugby Club’s grounds in Arthur Street, Caloundra. At this stage, parents and spectators are allowed to watch the competition games but must sign in upon arrival at the venue.  Social distancing will be enforced.  Parents are not allowed to attend, or view training sessions held at the School. I also ask if any family has a Caloundra City Private School sporting team uniform at home to please return this item as a matter of urgency as they are needed for this seasons games. City Basketball – Sunshine Coast Secondary School Competition This competition commences this Friday.  The school has three teams Junior Boys Year 7, Junior Girls Years 7 and 8 and Intermediate Boys Years 8 and 9.  This is the first time that the School has entered teams in this competition.  We wish the players, coaches and managers all the very best in their upcoming seasons.  A reminder that no parents or spectators are allowed at or inside the playing venues.  This is strictly enforced. Duke of Edinburgh Outdoor Adventure programs Two programs have been organised in the coming weeks to allow the Caloundra City Private School Duke of Edinburgh participants to continue the completion of their awards.  The Bridge Award students will complete a 20 km plus bike ride exploring some of the bike ways of the Caloundra area.  This activity will occur on Friday 4 September.  The adventure will begin and finish at the School. The School’s Bronze and Silver award participants will complete a three-day walk from Noosa to Bulcock Beach on Monday 21 September – Wednesday 23 September.  The group will walk walking paths, bikeways and beaches as they work their way south.  They shall also travel through Coolum National Park and climb Mt Coolum.  The students are currently preparing for the program working out their navigation, safety and other issues that might impact on their journey. This latter program takes over from the planned White Water Canoeing Expedition planned for this coming September holidays.  The canoeing program was cancelled due to the closure of the Queensland state border.  A White Water canoeing expedition has been planned for the Easter holidays in 2021.  It will be open for all years 8 – 12 students and parents. Any student wishing to be involved in the adventures or the Dule of Edinburgh Award scheme are requested to speak to Mr McMahon as soon as possible. Have great week everyone and remember, go gently! Peter McMahon Head of Students, Physical Education and Outdoor Education Caloundra City Private School.

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