On Wednesday 26 August students from Kindy to Year 2 competed in their annual Athletics Carnival. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and there were smiles all round as the students competed in a number of activities including javelin, skipping, an obstacle course and novelty races. The students also ran in an 80-metre sprint event and the first three runners for each race were: Year 2 Boys (Race 1) 1st Place: Kyle Huxley 2nd Place: Bailey McCormack 3rd Place: Hudson Smith Year 2 Boys (Race 2) 1st Place: Judd Fleischer 2nd Place: Kurt Prasad 3rd Place: Beau Swain Year 2 Girls (Race 1) 1st Place: Mia Young 2nd Place: Evangelina Day 3rd Place: Ava Watson Year 2 Girls (Race 2) 1st Place: Kate Chalmers 2nd Place: Charlize Snape 3rd Place: Isabella Rowe Year 1 Boys (Race 1) 1st Place: William Sedgwick 2nd Place: Frankie Murray 3rd Place: Levi Watson Year 1 Boys (Race 2) 1st Place: Jordan Machemedze 2nd Place: Oliver Nisbet 3rd Place: Leo Hope Year 1 Girls (Race 1) 1st Place: Isla Dixon 2nd Place: Charlotte Kelly 3rd Place: Betheny Warren and Evie-Rose Slater Prep Boys (Race 1) 1st Place: Lewis Miller 2nd Place: Spencer Usher 3rd Place: James Madine Prep Girls (Race 1) 1st Place: Emilia Day 2nd Place: Mia Fritz 3rd Place: Miane Weiss Prep Girls (Race 2) 1st Place: Heidi Fitzpatrick 2nd Place: Emily Saxon 3rd Place: Charlotte Maddock Kindy Boys (Race 1) 1st Place: Jack Adams 2nd Place: Jenson Clark 3rd Place: Benjamin Sedgwick Kindy Boys (Race 2) 1st Place: Lawson Angel 2nd Place: Connor Fowler 3rd Place: Callan Nex Kindy Girls (Race 1) 1st Place: Juliet Claassens 2nd Place: Harriet Shepley 3rd Place: Elliot Mazurka Kindy Girls (Race 2) 1st Place: Neve Fleischer 2nd Place: Ella Taylor 3rd Place: Pippa Reynolds Thank you to Mr McMahon, Miss Sweeney, Mr Clarke and the Year 6 Leaders for organising the afternoon and thank you to the students from Years 3 to 5 who came down to cheer on the younger students. Junior School Assembly The next Junior School Assembly will be held at 8.30am on Wednesday 9 September. Year 1 will be making a presentation and Merit Certificates will be awarded to selected students from each class. At this stage, parents will not be able to attend due to the ongoing government restrictions in place, but we will keep you informed of any changes. Class News from 4KC This week in Year Four we have been looking at our local government as part of our HASS unit for the term. We have been exploring what exactly is the role of the Sunshine Coast Council and what services they offer us and our local area. To begin with, we researched some fun facts about our beloved Sunshine Coast and what makes it such an amazing and interesting place to live. The Glass House Mountains is rumoured to be visited by aliens – Liam Fowler The population of the Sunshine Coast is 333, 436 people – Sarah Huxley The maxim “fair dinkum” was coined on the Sunshine Coast – Mirabelle McLean The Sunshine Coast used to be a runaway destination for convicts – Harlen Smith Coolum is the world’s second largest rock after Uluru – Makayla Nash The Sunshine Coast was originally named “The Near North Coast” – Eden Lawler The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain Cook – Isla Bosomworth The Mudjimba Island has been “leased” by several different people but Sean Connery owning the island is just a myth – Archie Murray Then we thought about our favourite places that are maintained by the council and what would happen without their regular upkeep. Sianna Tarbuck: My favourite place is Currimundi Lake, the council helps to keep it clean and safe. Without the local council, the lake would have lots of litter in the sand and water. Jack Hendey: My favourite place on The Sunshine Coast is Caloundra Library. The council gives free Wi-Fi, repairs books and buys new ones. Without the local council there would be no visitors, books to borrow or any internet. Amber Steven-Jennings: My favourite place is the beach with the sun and salty waves, the council helps by cleaning the beaches and providing bins for rubbish. Without them our beautiful beaches would be polluted, and all our marine life would be affected. Gus Crowder: My favourite place is Kings Beach Pool. The council keeps the pool clean and makes rules to keep people safe. Without the council people could get sick from the water, the pool area would be messy and a lot more people could get hurt. Millie Mansell: My favourite place is Moffat Beach. The Sunshine Coast Council make allocated dog times and keep the beach clean and safe for everyone. Without them the beach would be polluted and harm the local turtles.   James Warren: My favourite place on The Sunshine Coast is Mr Percival Park in Pelican Waters. The council keeps it clean and maintains it. Without the council it would be filled with trash, the equipment would break, and it wouldn’t be safe. In 4KC, we love our beautiful Sunshine Coast and appreciate the work our local council does to keep it that way. We are pledging to do the same to help keep our favourite places clean and safe. In Year Four we are beginning by doing a school clean up and putting all the litter we could find in the bins.

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