I keep reminding myself… Our kids have missed out on such a lot so far this year – sports, games with friends, learning options, birthday parties and job opportunities. Some are missing out on seeing their grandparents or family who live interstate, and holidays…. let’s not forget holidays! It has been, and continues to be, a potential lonely and stressful road for many students, parents and families. Although I think of our Year 12’s and university graduates often, I also realise that none of them have been left untouched. The School is making great in-roads to making things we can ‘normal again’. Not surprisingly I am hearing more and more reports of struggling mental health, people worrying about their friends and not really knowing ‘is it going to return?’. The media really do have a lot to answer for the way they bombard us with constant negative information.  Don’t be surprised if your kids show some strain under the weight of this, and perhaps have a few more errors in judgement than usual. Extended pressure doesn’t do any of us any favours.  As the world continues to evolve, our tweens and teens may have fears that surface. The staff are pretty keen to make sure those emotions have somewhere else to land other than their heart. Emotions demand movement and we are so keen for them to find constructive places to land. There is no easy answer or a magical cure to big feelings. We must trust that the natural process of grief is designed to combat intense feelings of loss. We must also trust that the resilience inside them will rise and that they are growing in ways we can’t see.  Academic Expo It was great to see so many students and their parents attend the Academic Expo the other evening.  Mrs Cuthbert opened each session with information about the transition from year to year and what to expect.  Her suggestions about how to choose subjects were spot on.  Choose what you’re good at.  Choose what you like.  For older students, speak to Mr Cuthbert about any prerequisite subjects they might need to enter post-compulsory schooling. Don’t choose something just because your best friend is doing that subject. But for me, the best part of the evening was viewing the subject displays made available for families to see.  What stood out was the creative change that is happening in the Senior School at the moment.  The staff have embraced the challenge set to them by the Principal and School Board to ‘raise the bar’ with what they teach and how they teach.  The new and exciting technologies, topics and initiatives that they and the students have and will be exploring is setting a new, innovative course for the School. It is a pity that those who were not present missed a fantastic opportunity to see in person where we are going! I now would like to challenge everyone to get on board with us and help promote the School to the wider community. Your School.  Your community.  Caloundra City Private School.  Tell others what we are doing; Avionics (such as drones) and Digital Technologies (such as 3D printing to make a cookie-cutter); Alternative energy sources and usage (such as solar); Excellence in teaching and learning; Small classes where teachers ‘actually’ know the students they teach; Specialist sport targeting; Outdoor education camps and opportunities; Wellbeing@CaloundraCity; and The unique opportunities that are on offer when you attend a small, private school. What can you do to help promote the School?  Tell your friends and neighbours about your experiences at the School and encourage them to come and visit us.  Walk and talk with the staff.  Listen to our story of forward progress.  The students and parents of the School are our best form of advertisement. 2021 Student Leadership Process Commences. This week the Heads of House commenced the process for instilling new leaders into all positions in 2021.  The School Student Captains will be voted for first.  Nominating students will be required to complete a nomination form and have an interview with Mrs Cuthbert, one of the Heads of House, a teacher and myself.  All nominees will be asked to write a response ‘Leadership is More Than Just a Badge’ and then will be asked to address the Senior School assembly on this topic.  The administration and staff want our student leaders to be people committed to change and servant leadership.  We will walk beside our leaders as they guide and challenge the student population to grow and be involved in all aspects of the School’s life.  Voluntary community involvement will be a major focus for 2021. Sport at Caloundra City Private School Nominations for Oztag and District Athletics 2020 Just a reminder that nominations for these two sporting events close Friday 14 August at 3pm.  All families were sent nomination and season information via Parent Portal earlier this week.  If you missed this information, please contact the School’s Administration Office.  There are no qualifying times or distances for the District Athletics Carnival being held on September 7 and 8 at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  It is being advertised as a ‘social, competitive’ event with no Champion School being awarded.  The Oztag season commences the week of 7 September with all games being played at Caloundra Rugby fields. Friday Night Basketball Parents and students involved in this competition are requested to check the competition draw on Sunshine Coast Secondary Basketball’s website. This draw has changed greatly in the last week.  The team’s first games (as at the time I am writing this article) are; Friday 21 August Junior Boys ‘D’ now have a bye. 4 September – Junior Girls ‘E’ do not commence until this date Friday 21 August Intermediate Boys ‘E’ at Matthew Flinders Court 2 at 8pm verses Grammar.   Training for the competition occurs on Tuesday during afternoon sport and Thursday 3.15pm – 4.15pm.  It is an expectation that all players make themselves available for both training sessions each week.  Team singlets will be given to the students this Tuesday.  Players need to purchase Basketball shorts from the Uniform Shop prior to their first game. USC Thunder has arrived at Caloundra City Private School! The School is now the primary training venue for the USC Thunder.  Whilst disappointing that at the moment, the students are not able to participate or watch their training sessions or games, this will happen in the future.  Last Sunday the Thunder played against the Toowoomba Panthers winning 68 – 57.  It was great to see such a high standard of Netball being played in our own Hall.  Hi-lights of the game can be watched here.  It is well worth the view. Having the Thunder train in Raelene Boyle Hall is an exciting opportunity for the School to access expertise, ideas and sporting gear from this franchise.  Coaches from the Thunder will oversee the School’s Netball program in 2021 by providing skill sessions, training programs, coaches and game feedback to the Netball players and our own coaches.  Yet another reason to celebrate who we are and where we are going.  The School also makes sure that players avail every opportunity to gain representation in District, Regional, State and ‘Train On’ teams.  Training for the 2021 Netball season will commence in Term 4.  We have many players playing in local Saturday competitions and a number playing in local representative teams. Have a great week everyone.  Go gently. Peter Mac Head of Students.

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