Runners, Scholars and Many Things at CCPS The Cross-country Running event held at CCPS was highly successful and a very important part of our students’ learning. Cross-country runners are amongst a school’s highest academically achieving scholars, possibly linked to the discipline, determination and ‘hard yards’ they have to complete in this event that so readily translate to high performance in schoolwork generally. There is no substitute for effort in schoolwork! Amongst our Independent Schools carnival representative team are the Year 3 runners Ryan Brodie Hamish Carmichael, Cooper Price and Charlie Trimarchi who competed with the Year 4s, in the same age group – quite a challenge! I am also very pleased to see our team of Chess players battling in the DEM Library with trial games to determine our rankings for coming Chess competitions. Our Chess Co-ordinator is highly knowledgeable and experienced in school age Chess and I know that our boy and girl players will benefit significantly from this experience. Chess is an extraordinarily complex game – a battle of minds, and abilities, one on one. There is no place to hide in a Chess game.

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