Strategies I am very pleased to announce that the School has appointed a Registrar and Communications Manager, Ms Anna Maxwell. Ms Maxwell will improve our enrolments process and data collection around enrolments, and associated marketing and communications in growing the School’s enrolment procedures. Additionally, she will also assist in producing ongoing communications around School activities, for our parents and community. You would be aware some Term 2 staff departures have occurred; and coupled with the new staff recruited at the end of 2018, I am really pleased with the appointments that will help to refresh, reinvigorate and energise our staff in assisting the students with their learning and all School activities. Combining experienced staff with new enthusiasts is great for the School and for our students. This year Ms Fung has joined us in Music and the children have loved their musical journey with her, and we have had many superb musical performances at School Assemblies throughout the semester, with her careful accompaniment – we look forward to a Musical Recital on 1 August at 5.30pm. Mr Creighton has had immediate success with the Year 4 children’s class; and he is coaching the Senior Boys’ Volleyball team to terrific performances. Ms Goodwin’s Film, TV and New Media classes are incredibly rich with the children’s use of the latest communications software in a vibrant world that changes daily; Ms Goodwin also was a Kokoda Challenge participant in profound encouragement of the students and she supports our School sports in many ways. Mrs Collins is a superb Teacher of Year 11 English – her students are producing some outstanding work; and her promotion of resources for staff, along with her reading development promotions with the Junior School classes, are great to experience. Ms Crane has been working closely with Mrs Huxley (and Ms Matsumoto in her new school) in our children’s Japanese language learning smaller classes in Senior School. Mrs Patricia Hatcher is a new addition teaching Visual Art and Design, taking over from Ms Stuart. Mrs Hatcher has thirteen years leading her Department in a Brisbane School and she is loving this opportunity to work at CCPS. We enjoyed Mr Pappalardo in teaching Term 1 Chemistry and Science with his Head of House role; and we hope we may see him again, as a favourite for many of the students. And Dr Peter McMahon is winning many friends and influencing people in his role as Teacher of Health and Physical Education, Outdoor Education; and as Head of Senior School. I also thank Mr Pederson for his work with me in supporting the students’ academic pathways. Mrs Evans as the new Wellbeing Co-ordinator is making inroads in getting to know individual students but also at a broader level in promoting mental wellbeing with classes and at School Assembly. The use of the MySchool online resources produced by Prof Michael Carr-Gregg is a significant new resource for our parents and students. So whilst the times are changing, the School is very busy with enrolment enquiry and exciting new activities for the children. The Henzell-Ford Families Scholarships are part of the exciting new developments for our School community. This is a great initiative for the Caloundra community’s future health. The Kokoda Challenge last weekend, is one of those superb mental and physical health activities. Mr Dever, Mrs Hiley, Mr Ricketts, Ms Goodwin, Ms Bennett, and Mrs Tralauwalked with the students; and Mr Pederson drove the students and staff to the venue in the School bus for the 30 or 48 km walks (Harry Crombie ran most of the 30kms, uphill and down dale). Feedback from parents included: He was extremely proud of his achievements as are we. He surprises us most times with his perseverance in situations such as these. We are also very thankful that he is in the company of very good mates who are always there to guide and help each other out. Such a fantastic team effort. I would also like to commend you and all the other Teachers who were there as an inspiration and help to them. We are so pleased to have all the wonderful Teachers at CCPS, sad to see some of them go though and hope you will always continue to be there as a pillar for the kids. So thank you for all that you and the other Teachers do (Patricia Minahan). Just hoping you can pass on a huge thank you to all the dedicated CCPS Teachers for making such a huge commitment of time and effort to make the Kokoda Challenge possible. Such a great experience for the kids to have, that will stay with them for the rest of their lives! Thank you (Vicki and Jason Crombie). We congratulate the students and staff for their willingness to contribute and share this wonderful practical learning experience. I thank our parents also for their support of their sons and daughters and also of our staff. Yr 7 – Tyson Tralau and Logan Marchington; Yr 8 – Sam Tanner; Yr 9 – Emma Robey, Kimberley Campbell, Monica D’Espagnac, Nathan Moore and Adam Smara; Yr 10 – Rian Minahan, James Donnelly, Cade Stowers, Hugh Williams, William Zhang, Luke Darcy, Charlton Turner and Briana Keegan; Yr 12 – Kayleigh Brighton, Mason Gough, Adon Wyatt, Harry Bartram, Riley Pederson, Blake Ross and Harry Crombie. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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