Examinations Week We wish our students good sleep and sharp thinking during their important Examination Week, concluding tomorrow. With the new ATAR system of assessment and reporting for Years 11 and younger, sets of examinations have become increasingly important that students experience and feel comfortable in that ‘strange’ assessment system of isolation in communicating their ideas and knowledge. It is quite an unnatural state for the majority of children, so it is one that must be experienced and learned, for good performance. I know in subject Philosophical Inquiry (PI) for Year 7, the students have seen past exams to identify the skills required, and specifically analysing what is required in answers is a major element of responding in an examination. The skills of analysis are of course of universal benefit for a person, so although this is initially about preparing for examinations, assessment should always be about learning. The PI class in looking at the skills of analysis is much more relevant to the children in their world than filling out a dusty old blank space on a piece of paper in isolation ‘…under exam conditions’. The other big news this week is of course our parent open meeting where we have encouraged people to ask questions about staff changes, and related matters. I do sincerely thank everyone who attended and contributed with queries. As I discussed for parents at the meeting, the departure of Year 12 Teachers, Mr Ricketts (Legal Studies), Ms Macks (Mathematics A, and Biology), and Ms Stuart (Visual Art), has been challenging at this time for all, particularly our Year 12 students. Because it is so important that Year 12 has certainty, the School has made the following Teacher appointments and class allocations. The highly experienced, Mrs Hatcher, is thoroughly enjoying teaching our Visual Art, and Design classes. Mr Pride, who is our experienced and popular Head of McLean House and Teacher of History and English, will add teaching Legal Studies and Year 8 SOSE to his classes, from Mr Ricketts. The highly regarded Mr Pappalardo will return to CCPS where he taught Mrs Muir’s Science classes in Term 1 during her Long Service Leave. Mr Pappalardo will teach Ms Macks’ Biology classes to Years 11 and 12, and Year 11 Chemistry; and Mrs Muir will teach Year 7 Science. Dr Wellham (Yes, I know that’s me) will also take over teaching the Year 11 English class from Mrs Collins who unfortunately has resigned as our Teacher-Librarian. A new Teacher addition is Mr Webb who joins us with ‘rave reviews’ from Canberra to teach Mathematics classes in Years 7, 10, 11 and 12, and Year 7 English. Mr Webb is also a rugby coach and he will contribute to the School’s Friday sports program. I heard from each of his school’s Referees that they are very sorry to be losing him; and that we are very lucky to be acquiring his services. He is known as a person who works strongly across the curriculum for the children’s wellbeing in a range of ways; as well as assisting colleagues in various committees, etc. He is a leading enthusiastic Maths Teacher. We look forward to welcoming and introducing him to the children at the start of Semester 2. We thank Mr Ricketts and Ms Macks for their long and distinguished service to the School over many years, and we wish them every success in their new endeavours. We are vary sad to be losing Mrs Collins’ skills and talent. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal Read the full newsletter online

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