World Teachers’ Day was created by UNESCO in 1994 to promote Teachers’ status. CCPS children and our School are fortunate to have experienced, committed and very able and generous Teachers who try their very best for the children in their care. The School’s reputation relies very much on the quality relationships that our Teachers have with the children. The latest and most highly regarded John Hattie research signifies that it is these relationships that are the most highly effective influence on student performance, and much more influential to student academic performance than untargeted federal government funding being scattered within education systems. Our Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of those quality Teachers’ and children’s relationships, in so many ways. Last Friday our P&F provided a Morning Tea for Teachers that had to be seen to be believed. President of the P&F, Natarsha Turner, addressed Teachers in supporting their commitment and dedication, and the glorious repast signified the warmth and gratitude our P&F have for our Teachers. It was a very special occasion, and I am grateful to our P&F and to our Teachers for their special work. Schools exist for the children and World Teachers’ Day concluded with the P&F hosted Halloween Disco.

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