I came across this piece by former Grand Master Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov, who famously lost his series of matches with a 1997 computer, ‘Deep Blue’. Theoretically, this seemed to indicate to the world that if the world’s best Chess thinker could be beaten by a computer, then they would soon be taking over the world, ala like the world of the Terminators. Twenty years on and we are teaching students to program robots to Moonwalk like Michael Jackson and dance Gangnam style,, while Teachers like Ms Hirst organise a Colour Run that raises over $5000 for robotics and Spheros coding equipment; Dr Simeoni runs Computer Interface co-curricular workshops before school; Mr Pederson offers Digital Technologies coding subject for Years 7 to 10 and will have Digital Design creativity for Years 11 in 2019; and coding features regularly in Junior School classes’ curriculum activities; and Mrs Muir has arranged a Robotics team to compete in tournaments. Nevertheless, Garry Kasparov, perhaps exasperated by the ways society interpreted his 1997 Chess loss, sees the positivity of how our Artificial Intelligence (augmented) is helping the world.

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