Year 12 students with their parents and staff, celebrated the Year 12 Formal at The Lakehouse, Mountain Creek, on Friday night. Niclas Dreyer was announced as the Valedictorian, elected by his peers to represent them formally with his address. Isabella Mullins was Niclas’ support person and she was integral in the awarded  certificates, which she presented impressively with wit and class. Niclas spoke about the particular characteristics of each of his classmates, and these points were all very well received, from this happy audience. There was plenty of mirth and warmth, and this does indicate the nature of this very successful group. Despite all of the immense stresses and strains for Year 12 students who are striving to maximize their academic outcomes from thirteen years of schooling, this class has maintained its composure and its support for each other. I am reminded of Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, when the massed audience waiting to get a glimpse of Brian confirm together, “Yes we are all individuals.” That is, Year 12 2018 has many very diverse characters with strength and independence who will go into many differing pathways, but together they show great mutual respect, support, communication, and a strong awareness of each other’s personal traits. I am very proud that these young people who will soon graduate from our Senior School will clearly be positive and effective contributors to our society. Niclas was also able to provide certification to each of the staff in attendance to acknowledge their individuality and contributions to Year 12’s culture, with just a hint of gentle mocking that everyone graciously accepted. 

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