It was fascinating to see the joy on the children’s faces as they dressed as their favourite characters from their reading or viewing, at our Bookweek Parade Assembly. The oldest students enjoyed being part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl; and students all through the School into Kindergarten loved the idea of promoting reading with some fantasy dress up. There was a lot of fun for our visiting guests from Katushika Prefecture in Tokyo, including Principal Kurosawa, exploring how the students’ and Teachers’ relationships and shared experiences amongst younger and older students helps the strength of our teaching and learning practices and the importance of genuine feedback for our students’ improvement. We also have visiting Teachers from Yokohama, a beautiful harbour city on Japan’s east coast, who are at CCPS observing our practices and how they can strengthen their performances in teaching back home. The celebration of reading embedded in our enjoyment of dressing and pretending to be another character, are rich experiences for the children that I expect they will remember for life, and will also reinforce the power and pleasure of reading and literacy. These are very valuable life lessons of the best kind. I thank all our families and students and their Teachers for their contributions to this wonderful event. 

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