Readers of the Newsletter would be aware that our Year 12 students in 2014 all completed an OP course, aiming for university entrance, and all achieved an OP in the 1 to 14 range. That is, one hundred percent of CCPS students were in the OP Band 1 to 14. Additionally, our top student, Cieran Kent, was awarded the Australian Student Prize, being one of the top 500 academic performers in Australia. Further, all of our Year 12s completed Vocational Certificates for work specific qualifications, such as in Early Childhood. So we had the best academic performance OP percentage attainable; employment qualified students; and one of the best academically performing students in the country. Additionally, our Year 12 Graduates were outstanding citizens who will strongly contribute to Australian society. In 2015, CCPS introduced the Diploma of Business, a Diploma being the qualification between a university degree, and a Vocational Certificate. For example, I completed a Diploma of Education following my university Undergraduate degree completion which provided my teaching qualification, in 1980. Six of our Year 12 students in 2015 have completed their Business Diploma work, and I congratulate Emma Armstrong, Jackson Brighton, Emma Haigh, Kenzo Maurer, Rachael Norman, and Carter Weight.

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