At this week’s School Assembly, we were wonderfully entertained by Declan Tanner (Yr 7) and Nicolas Reynolds (Yr 12) on piano. Nicolas has auditioned for a place at The Conservatorium of Music in Jazz Piano and we wish our School Captain every success in his adventure in music. For our School audience to hear and see live music performances, is something we should not take for granted, and we should fully appreciate the time, effort, and joy that experiencing this brings to us. I regard such recitals as a wonderful example of serving our community. At our assembly Logan Costa (Yr 10) was presented with his Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Scheme (DEAS) Bronze Medallion and Certificate. This is for the elements of Adventurous Journey; Skills; Service; and Physical Recreation. We have two other DEAS participants who will be presented with Silver awards, Mikayla Coleman and Natasha Irvine (Yr 11) upon their return from Exchange at Lathallan School in Scotland within the next fortnight. It is no surprise that all of these serving students are higher achievers in their academic studies as well. Students involved in community service activities on average are amongst the highest academic achievers in school education Year 12 results. Their abilities to organise their time, see beyond the immediate, and to think beyond themselves, are key skills for contemporary employers. DEAS recipients are highly regarded by employers. In modern society that has a ‘natural state of anxiety’, the ability to see beyond the Selfie and the individual’s social image(s), is a key to leading a happy, consistent and successful life with long term benefits for all. Even singing lustily with your friends or peers will aid the reduction of anxiety and add the relaxing feel good state of mind that every person is seeking. Good singing will even be a service to those within earshot!

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