The School’s tenth year Anniversary Assembly will be held on Friday and it promises to be a very special occasion for our children, Staff, and parents. There will be a naming ceremony to acknowledge and to celebrate the support provided the School by Mrs Judy Henzell; we have learned this week that a painting of Mrs Henzell’s that she produced whilst in her travels in France will be donated to the School. This is a significant artefact from the ten year life of CCPS and it will become increasingly valuable as we grow in our history. Having come to Caloundra from a one hundred year old school, I have seen how important these historical items are for the cultural understanding and meaning that coming generations will feel towards our beautiful and unique Caloundra school. The Anniversary Ball on Saturday follows on from the children’s Assembly and it should provide some very happy and poignant moments as well as much fun and frivolity for our parents and Staff.

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