Great Achievements for the School – Flood Appeal and Welcome Back Disco Chair of the House of Representatives Education, Employment and Training Committee, Dr Andrew Laming, communicated to us about the wonderful learning our students have experienced, as measured from their Year 9 NAPLAN results, compared to their Year 12 OP results last year, as those students progressed through our school. In comparison to the ridiculous OP snapshot rankings occurring in the popular press presently, Dr Laming commented: “I write as the federal Member of Parliament for the bayside seat of Bowman, to congratulate Caloundra City Private School on the academic performance of your class of 2018. The method applies an analysis of high school gain. It compares: a) OP data publicly released over the weekend by the QCAA with b) baseline Myschool Year 9 Naplan scores back in 2015. As Chair of the House of Representatives Education, Employment and Training Committee, I appreciate that no single number captures the school or student journey. But the gains achieved by last year’s cohort places your school in the top 2% of the 370 Queensland high schools that produced more than ten OP graduates. The methodology of measuring gain over time between two independent datasets is the best that can be achieved with publicly available data. Gain is a far more powerful metric than snapshots because it tells us something of the school journey. It removes the advantage that wealthy schools have because these institutions are more likely to enrol advantaged students to start with. As is now routine, this analysis adjusts for schools with Naplan sitting rates that vary from that predicted for schools of similar ICSEA. More critically, the data adjusts for schools with lower OP completions at given ICSEA levels. For the first time, VET outcomes will also be included, with results updated in the coming weeks. I am happy to explain the information and the limitations inherent in this analysis with you at a convenient time. I welcome any interest from your school staff, the board or parents. Sincerely, Andrew Laming Member for Bowman Parliament House Canberra: T: 02 6277 4258 | F: 02 6277 8503 Bowman Office: 10/32 Middle St, Cleveland | T: 07 3821 0155 | F: 07 3821 3799” It was lovely to see so many of our children and their parents having a very happy balmy evening together last Friday night at the Raelene Boyle Hall. I thank our Parents and Friends for their support for this great social activity, particularly with our new P&F members. It was also terrific to have the Johnson family providing cool refreshments for the children. It had a been a fairly hot week, and MC Pederson did a fabulous job of being inside the dance floor making the music play. It was loud, energetic and dazzling, just what a Teacher needs Friday night after a hot week at school, so I thank Mr Pederson wholeheartedly for his support of the children. Thank you to everyone who attended, and I trust you had a great, relaxing night together with your children. This week, I am proud that the School will be able to support Townsville and surrounding districts families who suffered the devastating floods. The cleanup, discomfort, dangers and despair amidst the tropical heat should make us realise how fortunate we are here to not have that destruction and chaos around us. On Thursday, Junior School students for their sports day can wear a tropical shirt, and Senior School students will have colours in their uniforms to represent the tropics. Money will be collected for the St Vincent de Paul’s Society that has set up a Website Appeal Page. The School will be collecting the donations on Thursday, and will deposit the funds in the Appeals page. Teachers will also be supporting the Appeal with explanations to the children of what has occurred with the flooding and the destruction that Queenslanders are suffering in the north. We hope that this community support will be a lasting memory for the children in their lives. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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