Swimming Carnival and Leadership I congratulate our students, their Teachers, and many parents who attended and assisted in our wonderful Swimming Carnival. Dr McMahon in his new role as Head of Sport, HPE, and Outdoor Education, was overwhelmed with the support that older students gave to younger; with the numbers of parents assisting; with the Teacher willingness to contribute and participate; and with the fabulous happy spirit and atmosphere. The participation of students as swimmers, for House points and for personal experience of swimming at the School Carnival, was the most significant element that pleased Dr McMahon and me. It was a tremendous happy occasion, great for the students, and for the School. At the end of Week 2, on a day that commenced with a heavy dark shower, and then progressed to high humidity and temperature, these were challenging conditions to master, and I hope that the message about sunscreen, hats and staying in shade were effective in protecting the children. Again, I congratulate our students for their willingness to have a go, and with the personal learning that comes from their involvement. Our formal School Leadership Assembly was held on Wednesday. It was clear there, and Dr McMahon commented previously, that leaders can be found anywhere, at any time, with somebody who stands out from the crowd, and gets things done to help people. Our Swimming Carnival provided a perfect example, of where all our Year 12s joined in with the fun of the event and provided excellent support for the younger students. They really helped to create the happy and enthusiastic atmosphere. I was thinking that this happy community spirit is one of the aspects that sets our school apart, where we care for each other, whether we have leadership badges or not, our people are good respectful people, and they create the strength of our care for our people. This is one of the reasons that our students are in such high demand for part-time jobs in the adult commercial real world; why many of our Graduands from Year 12 gain early entry offers to high status university courses; and why our School’s reputation in the community is so highly regarded. Dr McMahon and Mrs Stuart commented at last week’s Senior School Assembly, that leadership is about providing an example for the people; and for stepping up when something needs to be done. That is exactly what so many of our young people did at our Swimming Carnival, young and old Congratulations for this great experience for everyone. Mrs Hiley commented, “I have been going through my photos of the swimming carnival and wanted to share an image with you both. It is by no means a professional or fancy shot, but the story behind the photo is pretty special. It is a photo of the 9/10 Year boys backstroke race. Mitchell Bright and Fletcher Cannon, Year 5, both swam a great race and had made it to the end of the pool. They then turned around and saw that a Year 4 student was struggling to complete the race. Instinctively and without hesitation, both boys walked down their lanes toward the year 4 student. From either side of his lane, the boys encouraged the younger student and walked beside him until he reached the wall at the end of the pool. It was a ‘goosebump moment’ for me and a story too good not to share!”

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