CCPS’s Strategic Plan   Next term we should be able to run our parent information evening to talk to you about the school’s strategic plan.  The Board, Dr Dorrington and the Leadership Team at the school have all been working on our CCPS plan for the future.   The plan is being prepared to be presented to staff and then you, the parents.  Our Educational Goals at CCPS are to create a contemporary learning community inclusive of students, parents and teachers.  We will use a K-12 Learning Framework, encompassing the complimentary mix of direct teaching, the use of technology and practical application while recognising the individual learning characteristics of all students.  The development of transferrable skills needed to participate, contribute meaningfully and proposer in society will also be our focus.   Creating a positive school climate in which young people feel connected is the best environment for learning. At the centre of all we do at CCPS is the students, your sons and daughter, and so the focus should be and will be on them, and their wellbeing.   We aim to develop a caring community which emphasises the uniqueness of each individual and cultivate connected relationships within the school community and beyond.  Students learn best in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.   There will also be a focus on quality teaching where we continue to develop our teaching practices and the professional relationships between students, teachers and parents.  These are fundamental to high student outcomes.   We will do this by promoting and supporting innovative teaching practices and recruiting, retaining and developing best quality teachers.  Stay tuned!    Thank you I would like to thank you for your understanding of the need to avoid entering the school grounds and congregating in or around the school, in the car park, at drop off and pick up, outside classrooms or at the school gate.  We appreciate your respect of these requests.    While we are not conducting assemblies, interschool activities, sporting events, camps, excursions, or musical and arts events at this time, we do hope and believe that we will be able to begin some of these activities next term.   Just a reminder of our processes with the students on campus that are in accordance with the advice of the AHPPC including: continue to practise good hand washing and cough-sneeze etiquette regular cleaning of used surfaces and ceasing use of “high-touch” equipment reducing the use of common areas having windows of classrooms open and where possible, conducting lessons in outdoor environments with enhanced ventilation conducting physical education outdoors, or in large areas as much as possible.  Stay well and warm regards, Sherrie Cuthbert You can read the full newsletter here.

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