Places in Vacation Care are filling quickly, so please give consideration to your requirements for care over the upcoming holiday period. The program and details on how to book are available on Parent Portal or on the website. Term 3 Events With COVID-19 restrictions continuing to be eased, we are very excited to be planning events for Term 3. School assemblies, sporting carnivals and our Buddy Program will resume, the P&F Father’s Day Breakfast, Grandparents Day and the Colour Run have been reinstated and we are introducing some new events including a Science Expo and an Arts evening. Please make note of the following dates in your calendars. The School Calendar with event dates has also been updated and can be found on the Parent Portal.  Tuesday 4 August – Strategic Planning Parent Information Evening Thursday 20 August – Science Expo Monday 3 August – P&F Father’s Day Breakfast Tuesday 8 September – City Arts Twilight Concert: An evening of Music, Media, Design and Visual Art at CCPS Friday 18 September – Grandparents Day and Colour Run. For further information on the above events please refer to the Principal’s section of this newsletter. 2021 School Camp Program We are currently reviewing our Camp Program for 2021. A successful Outdoor Education Program provides many positive aspects, particularly when delivered in a planned and sequential order across all year levels. At Caloundra City Private School all students have the opportunity of participating in the age-appropriate challenges of camp. Our camp program aims to support and reinforce curriculum and pastoral goals in the most practical of environments. Students are required to work together in small or large groups and are faced with concepts such as teamwork, leadership, inclusiveness, fellowship and the value of working towards a common goal. The proposed program for 2021 is: Prep – Day camp at Australia Zoo Year 1 – Day camp at Currimundi Recreation Centre Year 2 and 3 – SeaLife Camp (1 night) Year 4 and 5 – Luther Heights (2 nights) Year 6 – Canberra trip – to be joined by Year 7 students (5 nights) Class News from 5JR During the final week of online learning, students in 5JR began to prepare information for their COVID-19 “Time Capsules”.  Back at school, we have completed reflection activities and discussions to help us identify our many different thoughts, feelings and memories during this unique time. Students have been creating iMovies that include images, text, voice and music to share; as well as, a special letter to their “future grandchildren” about their experiences during a global pandemic. We will be creating our time capsules in Art and look forward to sharing these with family now and in generations to come! Below are some of the online learning memories that have been included by Year 5 students. It would seem that the crazy theme days were quite popular! Oliver, Archer, Lincoln: During online learning, we had a lot of crazy theme days including crazy hair, crazy hat, sports team and pet day! It was nice to get back to school and see all our friends. We got used to the new health and safety routines quickly like not drinking from bubblers, washing hands a lot more and putting on hand sanitiser when entering our classrooms. In Science, we have been learning about the Solar System, planets and how far they are away from Earth. We also had a home assignment which was to build a diorama of the solar system using every-day items. All the Diorama’s are different and great! Isabella: In online learning, Miss Ryan always made it fun like pyjama day and crazy hair day. Pyjama day was my favourite! Codi: Learning from home was actually not that bad. Yes, I did miss my friends but once I started it felt like a normal school day. Every Friday was a crazy theme day – crazy hair, crazy hat and pyjamas day! Home schooling was not a new experience for me because I did it in Year 3 when my family was travelling through Australia. Peyton: During online learning I got to spend a lot more time with my family. My favourite part was all the crazy theme days that we got to do! Jack: My favourite memory about online learning is seeing my friends online and making our solar systems. I liked doing Science, History and Maths! Arya: I really enjoyed the crazy theme days and Pyjama Day! Peggy: What I liked was Pyjama Day and Crazy Hat Day! Rocco: I enjoyed learning about the Gold Rush, Democracy and doing our Science projects. Nikita: It was really fun and also really quiet because there was no talking! JT: I enjoyed listening to my favourite songs while working. Luna: My favourite online learning task was making the Solar System. We could do it any way we wanted to. I spray painted the box blue and the inside black. Then I painted the planets and put a chain of lights in the background. Sophie: Highlights included getting to do schoolwork in my bed all snuggled and eating whenever I wanted. I miss that, but I love coming to school and seeing Miss Ryan and my classmates even though I can’t snuggle in bed! My favourite projects were the Solar System and Art!

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