This week is very special, containing Speech Night and also the Year 12 Graduation and their completing of their schooling. There are various symbols referred to or used, but I am mindful that having Mr Mark McArdle as our Guest Speaker at Speech Night is a powerful local symbol, a person who is committed to this region, an expert communicator, and a fine friend to our School through many years of service and attendance at our ceremonies. I think it is fitting that he and I share our retiring from our positions, and we look forward to the future of this School and this Caloundra region of which Mark is so demonstrably proud. At our Speech Night, music is celebrated, and we were fortunate to have our Choir singing; and Declan Tanner (Yr 11), Georgia Nicholson (Yr 6); and Alea Novak (Yr 7) each performed as we enjoyed the sounds and emotions their words and music portrayed for their audience. I am delighted that each of these fine young people performed at Speech Night for our community to enjoy. Our local Neighbourhood Watch and Lions Club were represented at Speech Night and presented awards to students, powerful symbols of our community. At Year 12 Graduation, our Year 12s graduate with the ‘Lamp of Knowledge’ lighting their way for lifelong learning and their bright futures; and they carry their own Teddy Bear, perhaps symbolising the humanity and emotional experiences they share with their peers and their Teachers and parents. These are simple but poignant reminders to carry with them. Year 12 Graduation will be a joyous day as our students are thrust headlong into their exciting futures. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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