Next Tuesday we will be hosting our annual Speech Night, in Raelene Boyle Hall. At the end of that week will be the final day for our Year 12s as they experience the joys and sadnesses of their Graduation Assembly and their last day at school. It will be a very memorable week. Our Local State Member, Mr Mark McArdle, will be our Keynote Speaker at Speech Night. Mr McArdle is retiring from his seat of Caloundra and will not contest the next election. It seems fitting to me that his retirement from Office and mine coincide. I am greatly looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the future of Caloundra, and our community, in the years ahead. He has been a great friend to the School and he is a very hardworking and loyal Member for this region. The pace of change is rapidly escalating in this part of the world and the major infrastructure projects underway and planned for the near future will be transformative. Our School’s changes reflect that great pace of change in our community. Time stands still for nobody. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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