We can all appreciate that our normal assessment processes have been impacted by the Online Learning Program and consequently, we have decided to delay the release of the students’ Semester One reports until Week 3 of Term 3. Teachers are currently working towards an equitable outcome for students based on the evidence available across the semester. The delayed release of reports will provide teachers the extra time to continue with teaching and assessing students through to the semester break. Semester One reports will be available on Parent Portal on Friday 31 July. The Student Progress Conferences will take place as scheduled on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 August (Week 4). OSHC – Vacation Care Vacation Care will continue to operate out of Pelican’s Nest Early Learning Centre. The program for the upcoming holiday period and details on how to book are now available on Parent Portal and the website. You Can Do It Program Our focus for the rest of Term 2 is on the social and emotional capability of ‘Getting Along’. Students will be involved in discussions about what strategies and behaviours help us socialise appropriately. They will be reminded that ‘Getting Along’ is: Listening to others without interrupting Letting others go first Concentrating on your own behaviour and not ‘dobbing’ Using kind words and a kind voice Always including others. Getting Along thinking is: Being tolerant and understanding of others Playing by the rules Thinking first Taking care It would be appreciated if you could support this program at home as it helps reinforce the importance of these social behaviours. Class News from 4KC What an exciting return to school we have had in Year Four. As much as students loved seeing and interacting with one another on Microsoft teams there is just no replacing the classroom, being together teaching and learning. Reflection and shared conversation played an important role in our successful return and readjustment to the classroom. Students loved sharing their highs and lows of learning from home and discussing how they were pioneers in a way, making history as the first population of students to learn remotely in such numbers. Many shared how they will miss the comforts of home, but all agreed that their friends were far more valuable. Students shared their thoughts through sizzling starts which are exciting and engaging starts to a piece of writing. Here some extracts below: “Ahem”, the reporter cleared her throat, then asked the student, “What did you miss most about school?” The student thought for a moment. “I missed absolutely everything!” they said. The reporters jaw dropped; her eyes fell wide open. “Cut!”, shouted the producer. – Amber Steven-Jennings   “What did I miss the most?” My friends. Yes, I have dogs to keep me company, but I would much rather see my friends instead. – Gus Crowder   Hanging out with friends, playing games in class, not having to eat lunch all alone. Being at school is much better than having to work from home. – Sianna Tarbuck   “Yawn, what time is it?” “Only 8:00am?”. “I still have plenty of time to eat breakfast and watch TV.” What about getting dressed you ask? Well I don’t have to, it is online learning, what about packing my lunch box? Why should I when I can just eat straight from the fridge! – Millie Mansell   Like all things, there were certainly plenty of positives to come from the experience of online learning. Beginning with the amount of independence and responsibility gained from working autonomously. Students had to stay motivated throughout the day and submit all completed tasks on time. The use of Microsoft Teams taught students how to organise their work, publish typed writing, communicate in another format and work co-operatively. This system will certainly continue to be utilised in the classroom for research and group projects. I believe both students and parents can see the value in continuing to build upon these skills over time. However, as I have been asked already by students it cannot be used to ask your teacher for help with homework over the weekends or to “just type the question (in class) because it’s easier”. I am extremely pleased with the maturity in which Year Four students approached their online learning and again with readjusting to the return to the classroom. I am now more excited than ever to continue our progress in class and build upon our current learning. I am sure students are equally happy to do the same even if they are no longer able to snack, head to the fridge or have their pets with them during lessons.

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