To celebrate the last day of term, Friday 26 June the students from Kindy to Year 6 will be participating in an activity’s afternoon at school. Students will enjoy reconnecting with their ‘Buddy’ to eat their lunch and then have the opportunity to take part in a variety of outdoor activities. Students are to wear their sports uniform to school on the day. SchoolTV Online Resource Each month a new topic is published on SchoolTV. This resource is available on the School’s website. and is designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Please take the time to explore each series and topic and make sure you visit the resources section. Here you will find useful factsheets, apps, books, websites and other additional videos. Class News from 6ND We are now in the 4th week of school since our return from Online Learning. In 6ND, we have been very busy upon our return to school life, and we have been getting used to our routine being the “new normal” for now. Hopefully some more activities will return to school life next semester. Apart from all the normal learning activities and catch up assessments (thanks Mr Dever), we have been working on two different projects. The first task was to create a scaled drawing of the outdoor multi-sports court for a Measurement and Geometry task in Maths. In groups of three, we had to measure the court with measuring tapes and/or a trundle wheel, the length and width of the fence line and the four different sports courts. We then needed to plan out and create a scaled drawing to match the dimensions on an A3 poster page and colour code the courts. The last task was to then calculate the perimeter and area of the fence line and each specific court and add that to our poster. The second activity has been our onomatopoeia “Pop Art” activity. We first looked at some Roy Liechtenstein paintings and Batman comics before having to choose our onomatopoeia word and create our design. We then cut out black and white text from magazines and glued them onto an A3 page as our background. Next, we needed to sketch our design in black pen onto our backgrounds and then the last task was to use, blue, red and yellow colours to paint our backgrounds, wording and symbols. We are hoping to have all our paintings completed and displayed outside our classroom by the end of this week. On a sad note for myself and the class, it is time for me to farewell CCPS at the end of the term. It has been an absolute pleasure to have taught at CCPS for 15 years and I wish the school, and everyone involved, all the best for the future, as I set off on a new adventure.

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