Winter is Coming! Well, actually it is here, and it is time to ensure that all our students are correctly attired with regards to wearing the School’s uniforms.  The ‘rule of thumb’ is that the formal uniform and sport uniform should never be mixed.  With the colder weather students may need to wear a thermal (that cannot be seen) under their uniform.  Beanies, scarves and gloves are not part of the school uniform and thus are not to be worn.  The wearing of the formal hat to and from school is essential even if they are being picked up at school by a family member.  Infringement notices will be given to student’s not meeting the School’s Uniform Expectations. Assessment in Senior School Assessment times can lead to heightened stress and anxiety but with some simple planning and some lifestyle changes this can be avoided.  In the next few weeks, it is more important than ever to focus on your studies.  Here are some simple tips: Cut back on casual work hours.  Whilst it is good to earn some money, it is not worth risking academic achievement.  Tell your boss that you can work extra in the holidays in lieu of a missed shift or two. When studying, limit as many distractions as you can. Leave the mobile phone switched off in another part of the house.  Don’t listen to music.  Contrary to popular student beliefs, music does not help you study better.  Ask the family to turn down the TV so that you cannot hear it. Change your study habits.  Rather than just sitting at a desk, get up, walk around.  Read the notes out loud.  Ask a parent to ask you questions on the topics you are studying.  Make up sayings about points you have to learn. Eat regularly and take lots of short breaks.  Get up and go outside.  Take the dog for a short 5 – 10 minute walk every hour. Make a study plan – Today I Will Do ……. Start with your least favourite subject and work your way to the one you like the most. CCPS and District Athletics Carnivals The Principals of the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools will meet next week to discuss how and when sport competitions will re-commence.  Most notable for us at Caloundra City Private School is our own Athletics Carnival (which was re-scheduled to the last day of Term 3) and when the District Athletics Carnival will be held.  This carnival will definitely be held in August, but an actual date still needs to be decided.  In light of this and to ready our students, we will not have a dedicated Athletics Carnival day in Term 3.  Our field events will be held in PE lessons for Years 4 – 10 in Weeks 9 and 10 this term and Week 1 Term 3.  100 and 200 metre races will be held during Tuesday and Friday sport times, also in Weeks 9 and 10 this term.  Students will be asked to self-nominate for 400, 800 and 1500 metre events for the District Carnival.  Athletics training sessions will be held during Tuesday and Friday sport in Weeks 1 – 4, Term 3. Further information will be sent via Parent Portal once actual dates for the District Athletics Carnival are known. The school’s Cross Country Carnival (City Stars – Year 12) is now scheduled to occur on the last day of Term 3. The Principals shall also be making decisions about other cultural and sporting events at their meet.  These decisions will be forwarded onto the parents as we receive them. Go gently. Peter McMahon Head of Students Head of Physical Education and Outdoor Education.

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