The next Junior School Assembly will be held in the Raelene Boyle Hall on Wednesday 18 March at 8.30am. Students from Year 3 will be making a presentation and Merit Certificates will be awarded to selected students from each class. All parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to join the students from the Junior School at this assembly. Parent Student Teacher Conferences Parent Student Teacher conferences for Term One are being held on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 April in the library. Please note that we are now inviting all students to attend these conferences with their parents. A letter regarding the conferences and the information for on-line bookings will be available on Parent Lounge on Tuesday 17 March. Online bookings will also open from 9am on 17 March and close at 4pm on Friday 27 March. P&F’s Dance Party The P & F’s Dance Party is being held tomorrow, Friday 13 March between 5.30 and 7.30pm. Due to the unpredictable weather the Dance Party is now being held at the Caloundra Powerboat Club. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. Please note that this is a School social and not a drop off event. There is further information about this event and how you can purchase tickets on Parent Portal. Ride2School Day Tomorrow, Friday 13 March, children are encouraged to join over 300,000 students across Australia and adopt a two-wheeled mode of transport for Ride2School Day. The event is Australia’s largest celebration of active travel to school, involving thousands of school kids each year. Students within the Sunshine Coast Council region who wish to participate should register online before the day to be eligible to win a number of prizes. For more information, please visit the website. You Can Do It Program Our focus for the next two weeks is on the social and emotional capability of Persistence. Students will be involved in discussions about what strategies and behaviours help us socialise appropriately. They will be reminded that Persistence is: Trying hard and not giving up Not letting others distract them from their work Finishing their work on time Trying their best even if it’s not their favourite activity Checking their work carefully. Persistent thinking is: Trying their best Working hard until they have finished I can do it! It would be appreciated if you could support this program at home as it helps reinforce the importance of these social behaviours. Class News from Year 4KC This week in Year Four we have been busy in preparation for the upcoming school disco. With the help of Michelle Fowler and the P&F we were able to assist in creating eye catching fluorescent displays ready for the Neon Disco this Friday. During our buddy time with Prep and Miss Bennett, we used highlighters to colour handmade designs from Layla Bosomworth of Year Ten. These pictures once coloured, shone beautifully under a blacklight and will work wonderfully to create a bright neon atmosphere for our disco. Students worked in pairs sharing their own highlighters and working together with their buddies to proudly complete their artwork. Designs were frequently checked under the blacklight to observe which colours shone brighter and what patterns looked the best.  The P&F supplied the Junior School teachers with a blank canvas, glow in the dark paint and a black light to create a display from each class. In Year Four, we used printed A3 stencils that we found to be easily tracible, to form the main structure of our design. Students were able to choose what symbols and images they liked best, place the designs and then trace them using permanent marker. This created a strong and bold outline to then be painted using our glow in the dark paint. There were a few challenges along the way as we learnt that the paint went through the canvas and stuck itself down to the table. Luckily some Year Six students came to our aid and helped clean off the paint from the staffroom tables, otherwise teachers would have been left with quite a sticky table for the next few weeks.  The Year Four students were interviewed about their time creating their artwork with Prep and on our own classroom design. Eden Lawler On buddy activity with Prep AB – “I liked being able to share the highlighters, yellow was the best.” – “The starfish colouring in activity was my favourite.” On 4KC classroom poster – “We (Makayla) chose the party symbol and we got to paint it pink and green and we accidentally painted one-star orange.” – “I liked being able to work with my friend.” Liam McLoughlin On buddy activity with Prep AB – “I added a speech bubble onto my drawing, I used yellow for the writing and outlined the bubble in green.” – “I am really excited to see what colours look the best”. On 4KC classroom poster – “It was hard to trace the stencils because the sheet we were drawing on kept moving.” – “I got to write the word NEON and paint the headphones, I wanted them to look like my mine from home.”

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