Our Values Statement indicates that respect for self and for others is of paramount importance for all students and showing pride in their personal appearance, uniform and displaying good manners is central to the school’s philosophy and culture.  It also encourages students to strive to do their very best.  A full copy of our Values Statement can be found in students’ diaries.  Also in the diary is a copy of our code of behaviour, uniform, mobile phone and sun smart policies.  Recently in the Senior School, we have commenced the year ‘blitz’ on reminding our students of these requirements.  We want our students to be proud of their school in the way they behave, wear their uniform and interact with one another.  We have now reached the time where we will need to use punitive measures for students who still do not meet these requirements.  We do know that teenagers sometimes forget things and we want to be reasonable, so students are able to receive two overall chances in a week or a total of ten a term to avoid a Thursday afternoon detention.  The Thursday afternoon detention will run from 3.30 – 4.30pm and will be communicated to parents via an email from the relevant Head of House. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and so with your support, our students will learn the importance of showing pride in their personal appearance, uniform and displaying good manners.  They will also learn the value of always striving to do their very best by engaging in their lessons and completing their school work, including assessment tasks.

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