I have a few favorite books. You know the ones, you read them over and over and nearly know what is on every page. I have recently acquired a new one. It’s called “How to Find Fulfilling Work” by Roman Krznaric. I would like to share some of its ideas with the CCPS community. Krznaric states the following “the desire for fulfilling work – a job that provides a deep sense of purpose, and reflects our values, passion and personality – is a modern invention.” His premise is that up until recent times most people were too busy struggling to meet their needs to even contemplate whether their career choice was exciting or meaningful. He proposes that we have now entered a new age of fulfillment – the great dream now of this generation is “to trade up from money to meaning.” Apparently the task of finding a fulfilling career is one of our biggest challenges. This begs the question what are the core elements of a fulfilling career? In my opinion, the most important consideration is to play to our strengths. These, of course, are the personal characteristics the allow us to perform at our best. While engaged in these we emphasize our natural talents. When we engage with these strengths we build our self-esteem, positivity and vitality and we are more likely to feel content with what we are doing. Time passes much more quickly, we are more satisfied and as a direct result more motivated. In the end, we will be more engaged. Careers advisors used to ask “what do you to be when you grow up?” Now we should ask… What excites and drives you? What are you good at? What are your skills? This is where a great career conversation can start. Come and see me and we’ll start this conversation. Tuesday and Thursday in the CCPS library. Contact me on 54375881 or careers@ccps.qld.edu.au Have a great week Steve Cuthbert

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