CCPS Students Dizzy for Voices 25! 27, February 2020 How to begin a narrative, how to cope with rejection, how to stop your story sounding like nobody would want to read it and how to be an agent of change for oppressed Ugandan women in poverty-stricken conditions were just some of the life lessons available to students on the Voices 25 excursion, earlier this month. Organised with only two weeks’ to spare (not recommended, fellow educators!), the stress levels were at an all-time high in the days, hours and minutes that led up to getting on the bus…but the light-hearted banter, positive vibes and sharing of meaningful stories of the days’ highlights proved that it was a well-worthwhile venture for all of the 15 students who volunteered their attendance and begged their long-suffering folks to cough up the coin. Coin that was subsidized by new Principal, Sherrie Cuthbert. The fifteen lucky students and I outside USC at Voices 25 Students were given limited choices about which authors’ talks and workshops to go and see and some of the highlights included popular local favourites, Lynette Noni and Rebecca Lennard, former Australian Children’s Laureate (for 2018-2019), Morris Gleitzman, literary changemaker, Suzy Zail, Sydney true crime writer, Candice Fox, visual artist and children’s author, Caroline Magerl and many more. “The highlight for me was Suzy Zail!!” exclaimed Year 8 student Logan Marchington. “In dealing with issues like how children cope with Auschwitz in the second World War and the experiences of young girls in poverty in Uganda, I can see how these things really matter,” he went on. Staff at CCPS are now looking closely at potentially organizing a trip to the Brisbane Writer’s Festival at South Bank, in the first week of September, the final week in Term 3, 2020. Back to Blog Page »

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