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Prep marks an exciting journey for both students and parents, brimming with discovery and the formation of lifelong friendships. Our mission is to ensure that this foundational year serves as an exhilarating introduction to your child’s academic journey, equipping them with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in their junior school years and beyond.

CCPS Prep Program – What to expect

Highly experienced teaching team

Our teachers, supported by teacher aides, are caring, passionate and committed to igniting your child’s love for learning. They are dedicated to making your child’s Prep year the best experience possible for students and their families.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The world is rapidly changing and to ensure we are preparing our youngest learners for bright futures, our school embraces the latest research, technology and teaching methods. Our literacy program is ahead of the curve and grounded in the latest educational research around the Science of Reading which refers to the research that a large group of reading experts, particularly neuroscientists, have conducted over many years on how children best learn to read.

We strive to make learning exciting, meaningful, and relevant to the real world. We integrate technology and project-based learning to engage students and deepen their understanding.

Personalised education

No two students are alike, which is why we reject the one-size-fits-all approach to education. We champion a personalised approach that recognises and celebrates the individual strengths, interests, and learning styles of each child.

Specialist Lessons

The Prep Program at CCPS includes specialist classes in Physical Education, Japanese, Music and Art. These classes are taught by specialist teachers in these fields.

Outdoor Education

Prep students participate in a variety of day camps and activities throughout the year which extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom, providing opportunities for exploration and growth.

Extensive Co-curricular program

A wide variety of activities like Permaculture club, music, tennis, art and sporting opportunities are provided throughout the year

Wellbeing and Positive Education

This is embedded into our daily practices and school culture through the Wellbeing@CaloundraCity program. Wellbeing@CaloundraCity is a Kindergarten to Year 12 program based on the school’s core values of excellence, integrity, learning, respect and inclusiveness. Junior and Senior School wellbeing lessons are incorporated daily. These are based on Dr Martin Seligman’s studies on PERMA-H and Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) frameworks.

A warm, welcoming community

New families are welcomed into our School community where we foster a sense of belonging and inclusion through regular assemblies, special events, and opportunities for family and friends to engage with our school community and celebrate the incredible achievements of our students.

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