Next year and in 2020, Year 11 will be studying for their ATAR and not an OP, in the ranking competition for gaining admission into further tertiary and career specialising university degrees. The ATAR includes results from five subjects only, most likely for each of our students this will include their English and Mathematics. There are only three other subjects that will count for the ATAR, and if you include a Science or two, only one or two ‘Elective’ subject choices will count. In my experience, there are very few high school students who believe they know what they want to do as a career. So specialising in vocational related school subjects is mostly inappropriate for ATAR achievement, and also usually low scoring. The point is that students are strongly advised to opt for a broad skills development course, and not choose subjects that will be relevant to a specific job or career. This ‘broad choice’ of subjects, or curriculum, is often known as a broad liberal curriculum. The broad curriculum keeps students’ career pathways as open as possible, by progressing skills and understanding that are transferable into future unknown careers and employment sectors. 

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