What Parents Want Survey Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) has completed its four yearly ‘What Parents Want’ survey investigation in which CCPS parents participated. About one third of our parents completed the survey, and I thank you for your willingness to communicate. David Robertson the Executive Director of ISQ also speaks about the survey’s findings in a Podcast which you can listen to. The most important sources of information about schools were family, friends and colleagues, identified by 67% of parents; other parents with children at the school 54%; School website and social media 40%. 70% of parent said their choice of school was totally or highly influenced by first impressions and the appearance of the school. Children are having a greater say in school choice with 53% of parents saying the choice was totally or highly dependent on the child’s opinion. This is a fairly large rise in children’s influence, compared to the survey from four years earlier. Younger parents with mainly Prep and Junior School age children tend to register their child with only one school; they rely on family’s friends’ and colleagues’ opinions; they are heavily influenced by a school’s appearance; and they highly rate school generated social media as very or extremely useful. School choice is a very personal decision for families. There are common factors parents identify, in descending order of importance for the top ten reasons: Preparation for student to fulfil potential in later life The high quality of Teachers School seemed right for the child’s individual needs Good discipline Teaching methods/philosophy Encouragement of responsible attitude to schoolwork Reputation of the school Emphasis placed by the school developing student’s sense of community responsibility Range of subjects offered Size of the school. CCPS parents cited their visit to the School was a major influencing factor in their decision for their child to attend CCPS. Principal’s Acknowledgements “As the singing teacher at CCPS I am so grateful that the students have the opportunity to perform in the new auditorium. Many schools don’t have such a professional venue to learn performance skills and I hope that in combination with teaching singing at CCPS I can assist many students to build confidence through the art of performance. I have been teaching children on the Sunshine Coast for over twenty five years and as part of their training we integrate additional qualitative based performances. Not all students choose this option but it is open to them when they are ready. Students sit ANZCA/AMEB vocal (Modern/Classical) examinations. In 2018 four CCPS students sat exams and this year in August there will be seven students taking exams. I hope to increase this number as students continue with a consistent learning curve. Students taking these exams are assessed on technical work, repertoire, sight reading, aural skills and general music knowledge. In addition to taking vocal exams students attend holiday group theory lessons to keep up with the demands of examination standard requirements. Additionally they will begin to take music theory exams that correlate with their examination level. CCPS students participated in these group theory lessons. Students enter the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod (Vocal Section) and in 2018 there were three CCPS students participating. In August 2019 there will be nine students entering in various sections. Enrolments in weekly singing lessons has gradually been rising with the increase in performance opportunities available. The school community seems to be enthusiastic in wanting to participate in vocal lessons and 2018 enrolments were low with only five students but in 2019 I have started the year with nine enrolments and more requests for lesson times are likely and welcomed as the students see the opportunity to learn and perform on the CCPS stage. Students who additionally have extensive dance training enter dance eisteddfods that may also have a vocal component. Students are invited to participate in my – Qld Academy of Vocal Art Annual Concert.  2018 achievements Eisteddfod entrants in numerous categories: Emma Phillips – Year 6 Annabelle Phillips – Year 4 Song and Dance Eisteddfod: Abbie Tanner – Year 4 Vocal examination ANZCA: Emma Phillips – First Class honours (Top 5% in Australia) Annabelle Phillips – Honours Abbie Tanner – Honours Neeko Ellement – Year 5 – Honours Georgina Nicholson – Year 6 – Honours.” Karyn Clarke Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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