From Starting To Finishing in Education I have to admit that I am a firm believer in learning, from the very start of life to its conclusion. Learning and living are synonymous. I attended addresses by two Queensland university Vice-Chancellors during the week, and also a Parent Information presentation by our Prep Class’ Teacher Fiona Scurfield. I enjoyed these experiences very much because they were about learning, in its varied forms. Peter HØy (pronounced as rhyming with ‘boy’) University of Queensland’s Vice Chancellor commented to Sunshine Coast school leaders that UQ has a privilege being as old as it is, in leading tertiary education in this state, and with that comes responsibilities in research, etc. He also said, “We educate not for the first job, but for life’s many opportunities.” During Ms Scurfield’s presentation for our future Prep parents, I was reminded of Prof HØy’s comment even though she was talking about such matters as pencil grip, social hygiene skills, learning to collaborate and share with children (work colleagues for our four or five year olds), counting, fine motor skills in tracing letter shapes, and phonetic learning. I thought that these were handy skills for life, for any five year old, particularly for years later when they begin being paid for their work a few years from now!

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