One of the learning challenges schools can assist young people with is the tension and stress associated with having to perform at key times in one’s life. High expectation, in our School’s motto of excellence, integrity, learning, is synonymous with excellence. It is important to be challenged, and to experience demanding performance standards. I think Australians generally could benefit from more rather than less of exacting standards of communication and behaviour. The brilliant fun and enjoyment that our audience shared with our Players at Aladdin was possible because of the care and work which were poured into the event, from so many people. There were key ‘Star’ Actors, and there were minor Players who contributed strongly in their perhaps less obvious roles and ways of performing. I enjoyed the freedom of expression and the opportunity to create, almost to adlib, such was the joy of the Players. I credit our leader Ms Burton for her management and attention to detail that supported our young people to enable them to be responsive and expressive in playing their parts. Our students produced much of the original humour and quirkiness, with Ms Burton’s touch always close by. This is no easy skill, to manage all of these individuals in exacting and complex communications. Naturally, Ms Burton was one of many Staff, parents and grandparents who combined in creating this event.

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