At our whole school Assembly on Tuesday, mothers were celebrated in song by Cherub Choir, in video by Sophia La Selva, in word and in deed. Our students are encouraged to thank their mums, treat them to breakfast (I use “treat” reservedly), and to acknowledge their mum’s sacrifices to do what they can for their child(ren). Summah Hartmann played the theme from Titanic most beautifully on piano and I’m sure there were a few glistening eyes amongst our audience. I spoke of information I received at the national ‘Schools Law and Regulations’ conference I attended in Melbourne last week. Discussion of the reasons why nationally, Independent Schools, particularly Junior Schools’ enrolments had been reduced in recent years. It was explored that with the shrinking economy, many mothers were not in employment and it is their extra income for a family that frequently allows them to seek the very best in education for their children in their choice of Independent School. Apparently, the increased rate of divorce has also disrupted school enrolments as divorced fathers increasingly and unfortunately have declined to spend on education for the children. Independent Schools have the ability to select Teachers carefully, Teachers who do and will make the difference for your child. That is not to say that low fee or State Schools do not have quality Teachers, but Independent Schools, like CCPS are able to quickly move to select their Staff, rather than being recipients of centralised Head office staff allocation. As a small non-denominational, independent school, CCPS has been able to build a caring, talented, and now experienced teaching staff in the School’s twelfth year. 

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