During the previous decade and longer, there was a noticeable shift from Government Public School enrolments to Independent or Private School student numbers. This population move was surrounded by arguments about taxpayers’ money distribution, such as was described in the Gonski Review of 2011, commission by the Federal Government. Those arguments are ongoing, and surrounded by politics. All sides however agree that Australian parents want the very best education, in whatever form that may be, for their child. Individual wants and needs for children, however, are very varied, and this may lie at the heart of the landscape of schooling choice for our children in Queensland schools. There has been a further change in Public and Private School enrolment since 2010, for example, according to a survey of 1,000 parents by Independent Schools Queensland in 2014. In 2010 89% of parents of under school age children thought their child would attend a Private School, with 8% undecided; in 2014 12% were undecided. 48% of parents considered only Private Schools in 2014, down from a comparative 56% in 2010. The proportion of parents considering the three education sectors of Government, Independent, and Catholic Schools was 50% in 2010; and in 2014 this had increased to 70% of parents considered each of these three options for their child. 

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