Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is the peak sector organisation for all Independent Schools throughout Queensland. The Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QISPN) has recently been formed. QISPN’s purpose is to ensure parents of students in Independent Schools are equally represented at the policy-making tables of governments and other peak educational bodies in Queensland. Currently, State school and Catholic school parents have strong parent networks, and the ISQ sector seeks to have a well-respected voice at these policy and decision making tables too. QISPN will work with our colleagues in State and Catholic education to improve school funding and student outcomes in all schools in Queensland; and it provides an informative website where parents and carers can: be informed about important and current educational issues and changes; get involved, supporting your school and our sector with accurate information and understandings about issues; and share this website and articles of interest with your own networks, and get the word out about our newsletter.  QISPN respects and reflects the diversity of this sector, and supports the many different ways in which Independent Schools encourage and structure parent involvement at their local sites. QISPN focuses on policy and advocacy, not on individual school issues, nor local P and F matters. The Free Subscriptions are important to ISQ and QISPN as they are the main way they can communicate with parents. The QISPN website is at:

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