Term Four has a celebratory tone, and our children have had the joy of being ‘horrified’ in the ‘Japanese House of Horrors’. J/S students with screams of excitement and anticipation eagerly cued to enter the world of Japanese extreme terror (sanitised for the littlest ones); and they exited having been scared witless, with beaming smiles on their faces, ready to tell their tall and growing tales of what they saw. The Senior version was ramped up with a silent hollow eyed ghoul (Logan Costa); the eyeless long black haired girl who escaped out of the well with broken nails, from the cult classic movie “The Ring” (scarily Natasha Irvine); and of necessity, a decomposing zombi (Summah Hartmann) who grabbed your ankle as you walked by in the dark. All three characters were silent, except the zombi grunted (or perhaps that was me). The extremism of the event was beautifully presented and thoroughly enjoyed by all who were brave enough to enter – there were quite a few staff who chickened out. It was a wonderful, inventive experience and we congratulate the Japanese students, and Ms Matsumoto and Mrs Huxley for their work in supporting the students cultural learning.

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