I’ll be really delighted to sit at one of the tables tonight at Café Murder (a great name for an edgy business). The concept of having our students performing around their families and friends, all acting the part in a nineteen twenties cabaret, is fascinating. It reminds me of Christopher Isherwood’s writings of Sally Bowles, famous in the Musical Cabaret, from a notorious time and place. I’m sure if the crowd behaves itself no-one will get hurt; and it will be a fun night out for all. I thank Ms Burton, Mr Cusick, Ms Stuart, Mr Pederson, Ms McGregor, Mrs Tralau, Mrs Adams, for their wonderful work with our student performers in costuming, setting and arranging this fabulous event. I also want to acknowledge the P&F’s support which I greatly appreciate for our children. That it is unique and edgy is part of the charm of our school, that we are flexible, nimble and can make things (insert ‘magic’ here to replace “things” if you like) happen. For me, it’s a great return to CCPS from travelling around US schools for the past three weeks. 

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