Following will be my observations of news for Year 12 assessment in year 2019. However, much more importantly for me, the highlight of the week was the beautiful set of photographs of Year 2 shown on Junior School Assembly. These showed each of the children as they grew, and their faces were beaming with delight at seeing themselves and seeing their friends at different ages. It was a wonderful joyous experience to share with our parents and the children.   On Monday I attended the Qld Curriculum Assessment Authority’s (QCAA) ‘Principals’ Forum’ in Caloundra. The latest developments in the process of changing from an OP (1 to 25) to an ATAR (1 to 100) scale for Year 12 academic performance, were described. Understandably, it seems that selected information is being presented to schools, and many details require further developments and communications. However, 2019 will see the first of the Year 12 external examinations for (virtually) every subject. Mathematics and Science courses will have an exam worth fifty percent of a student’s subject result, because Maths and Science Teachers recommended this; and the other subjects will have an exam that contributes twenty five percent of the total result, again because non-Mathematics and Science Teachers wanted this, according to the QCAA. 

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