I know that as a parent of two boys and a girl, with slightly less than five years amongst the full set, how important their mum was (and still is) to their wellbeing. This is in a mental/learning sense as well as in physical safety and growth. Her reading to the children was loved by them, and I think enjoyed by both parents, in settling them and also encouraging them to take themselves off with a good book. The middle one of three still enjoys the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, I think he probably heard it first as a cassette tape. Yes, it was circa 1994. At the time, we lived by the seashore with parkland so there were always Soldier Crabs, splashing water, digging sand, and balls of various sizes to chase. They had each other but they also had their mum, security, a cat or two, and dad could also sometimes help (possibly a great deal with the various sized and shaped balls). There was plenty of homework assistance; but parents tried hard not to build the model icebreaker school assignments (I have seen a working model plane submitted for a Junior School aerodynamics science assignment in Year 4). It is a fine line in knowing how much to help, but I know the children appreciate the attention, but not if the parent’s handiwork is submitted for an assignment.  

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