Most schools, particularly those with Primary or Junior School aged children will be recognising and celebrating Bookweek. CCPS with its enthusiastic youthfulness has taken this promotion of reading to fascinating places with our Bookweek Assembly. Different parts of the fun are that Senior School agree on a theme, with Year 12 Lost Children and Peter Pan pirates everywhere, with a good number of Captain Hooks, Pirates, and Tinkerbells, including pencil thin moustaches and elf ears, and there were plenty of large Lost Children hiding amongst the little ones…Most Junior Schools students, and a good many Year 7 and older students also dressed as a book character in promotion of the love of reading. Junior Teachers come in a variety of creative ideas, although we never grow tired of seeing Harry Potter’s scar. It’s all good fun, and the joy of reading lies at the heart of this. Ms Grant granted MC Pirate a wish and his request was for World Peace and something about Miss World (I think the Pirate said). We thank Ms Grant for supporting the children’s reading literacy and learning so effectively. The fun we have is also part of the unique community of Teachers and students at our school. It’s always a pleasure to see people enjoying their reading. No doubt photographs will be on Facebook soon for more mirth.

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