One of the great things about being at a school like ours is the ability to work together to make things happen. Our Parents and Friends put on a wonderful fundraising party event that barely hurt at all as dollars were parted from wallets at a very generous but happy rate. The mix of tasty and interesting food and drinks; local musicians; interesting businesses’ wares for sale; the excitement of the auctioneer’s efforts; the raffle prizes draw; and lots of great company and fun conversations, all were put together by a very willing band of supporters. We hope that this event can be a regular feature of our program, and it adds to our superb year of engagements in our birthday party year. Coming up are our Christmas Carols Assembly which we hope will be a bigger and brighter event; Year 12 Valedictory and School Formal will be fabulous with this outstanding group of School leaders; and at the time of writing, I greatly enjoyed our Allstars performance event on Wednesday this week. More on that later.

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