CCPS students are very fortunate to have a myriad of International Exchange and cultural learning opportunities. Currently we have three Canadian students who are seeking refuge in Pelican Waters sunshine away from the blizzards of a Calgary early spring. Daniel, Anthony and Sam (Samantha) are being hosted by Ben McNamara, Jana Cherry and Molly Rava, respectively and they are fine young people. Apart from a little sunburn in a window of sun during rainstorms last week at King’s Beach, our three Rundle College friends are having a fine time and our students are certainly enjoying their company and fresh ideas. It is a great pleasure to be able to host them at CCPS. Additionally, our Junior School students are hosting Seikei Elementary School students from Tokyo for the week. Seikei is an exquisite school in central Tokyo, founded by the Mitsubishi company in 1906 as a local Private School, with long traditional Japanese traditions. It is a beautiful, sensitive environment, and the children who visit us belong to the highest quality of Japanese society. We are indeed very fortunate to have this longterm connection with Seikei and their Teachers. You can see a video of their Year 1 class with parents, at the following Youtube URL:

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